Dirty Dozen Sock Box is truly a plush male enhancement

Socks are at the base of men’s fashion and for several years they were an ignored aspect of the wardrobe. More and more men are placing as much significance on their socks as on their ties in a change that makes sense since socks have much more contact with your skin even if they’re not as visible as a tie. The ultimate sock assortment, Dirt Dozen contains a dozen pairs of unique socks and no assortment is ever the same. The assortment contains a range of colors, and don’t agonize as you will not get 12 pairs of orange socks. There are past and present collection socks as well as future prototypes. Men’s luxury sock designer Vivek Nagrani’s “basic” socks start at $30 and go way upwards.

Nagrani doesn’t promote his socks among celebrities; although he does point out that actor Samuel L. Jackson wore a pair of them in the film “Unbreakable.” Most of his customers are businessmen and government types. So jazz up your wardrobe with Dirty Dozen Sock Box that contains charming, luscious, delightful socks priced at $175.

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