Hugo Boss goes vegan, makes its first suit without any animal product

Hugo Boss has won some serious brownie points. With the world urging fashion brands to go slow and sustainable, Hugo Boss has shone with compassion too. They deserve a pat on the back for releasing their first suit without animal products. Yes, Hugo Boss goes vegan as it shuns the use of animal-derived materials like wool, horsehair, or silk. This has been verified by PETA and the suit is certified-vegan and sports the PETA-Approved Vegan logo indicating that it has been sanctioned by the animal rights group. So what have the winds of change brought in with them? The stunning suits are now created by certified organic European linen. The world will follow suit (pun intended) and lead to the buying of high-end business suits that are not only stylish and fashionable but also cruelty-free. The brand is taking its responsibilities seriously and this comes as a big step after their vegan sneakers wowed the world.

The vegan suit is part of Hugo Boss’s Responsible Tailoring collection and is available in beige, dark blue and black for sale online and in stores for $895.

[Via: WWD]

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