McDonald’s trolls fashion house Balenciaga with a ‘French fry carton’ shoe

When luxury fashion house Balenciaga debuted a pair of square-toed leather mules in their fall 2018 collection, little did they imagine the mass appeal it would garner?

And unfortunately not for good reason. After the $2,145-Ikea bag debacle, you’d think the designers at the fashion house would try to be a little more careful. But nope, all that design talent at Balenciaga has now unveiled their “very own” $740-mules that seems to have taken inspiration from none other than the McDonald’s signature red fry cartons. This, not long after the infamous double shirt they were in the news for recently. Yikes!

After going viral on social media, the fast-food giant, who is on a mission to jazz up the junk-food industry, has decided to cash in on their much-loved red cartons and showcased on the McDonalds Sweden Instagram page, their very own “McBalenciagas” being worn as makeshift slip-on shoes, with the promise “If we get 103042 likes we release these for real.”

Lucky for Balenciaga, the post has received only over 23,000 likes, which means the McBalenciagas might not take off afterall. But let’s not underestimate the power of McD, who seems to have an eye for bling these days!


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