New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is modeled as a unique jewelry box

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibits some of the best paintings from around the world. Be it Picasso or Raphael, the Met Museum has housed the greatest treasure troves of artefacts in the world. Now UK based bespoke furniture designer is offering a scaled down version of the museum, entirely made out of Swiss pear and cherry with grey sycamore, rosewood and ebony inlays, as a graceful jewelry box. Based on the original design of 1902 by Richard Morris, the box features carved Corinthian columns and mouldings, and a secret hiding place for the key within the framework of the roof.

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The box displays exquisite craftsmanship as the main roof of the building lifts to reveal compartments for storing precious jewels. Using numerously significant English cabinet making techniques, the box holds an additional secret storage space that requires a high degree of skill and accuracy in its making. This secret space can be used for storing those particularly special pieces. The only available limited edition piece is selling for $ 37,000 and Linley promises to donate $7,800 to the museum on the sale of the box.
[Available at: Davidlinley]

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