Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Treadmill is compatible with your iPod

Now this one is not that avant-garde to rave about but since it can connect with your iPod, I thought you would be interested. Some of us find exercising too boring; especially walking on a treadmill is just too monotonous. So for folks like them, LifeFitness has a come up with a new treadmill called the Platinum Club Series Treadmill. Get into your tracks and walking shoes as this one is undeniably going to entertain you as you slog to burn your fats. It has a USB port built-in to allow you to power your iPod, manage playlists, watch videos, and more through the integrated 15-inch LCD. What’s more, is that as you run you can catch on with your favorite movie directly from your iPod. It also boasts of a virtual trainer program and USB compatibility so you can save your workout data onto a thumb drive to take home.

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And before you tie your shoelaces, lemme tell you that this Platinum Club Series Treadmill sells for $8000.

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