Vertu Signature Clous de Paris Black comes wrapped in chic elegance

The luxury smartphone manufacturer Vertu has expanded its Signature S collection by introducing a new edition named the ‘Signature Clous de Paris Black.’ Wrapped in a chic black-stainless steel cladding, Vertu claims the latest offering features the newest technology in mobile communications and connects users to Vertu’s network of benefits and services. The company launched the Signature Pure Chocolate and the Signature Zirconium earlier this year but the new Signature Clous de Paris Black features subtle changes on the exterior. The texture of the black stainless steel metal casing is commonly found only on high-end watches.

The phone also comes with a black leather battery cover, black sapphire crystal keys, silver graphics, and a sapphire display which takes more than two weeks to create and is impervious to scratches. It also includes Vertu’s patented keypad, which contains 4.75 carats of solid ruby bearings, which do not wear out easily.

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The Signature Clous de Paris Black comes equipped with dual sound ports to sound off the set of exclusive ringtones that have been composed by Academy Award-winning composer Dario Marianelli and performed by the London Symphony. Like the other high-end Vertu phones of the collection, the brand’s Concierge service is included in the package. It has been priced at $14,780 and will be available in all Vertu boutiques and luxury retailers.

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