VW’s stroller prototype comes with automatic brakes and follows the parent

It’s always interesting to see high-tech gadgetry designed for larger concepts scaled down into things we wouldn’t quite expect to see them be part of. Take VW’s state-of-the-art adaptive cruise control sensor from the Golf that company used in an ingenious concept, based on something a Facebook fan recommended, of designing it as part of a baby stroller with similar functionality and then some. The Dutch carmaker’s first prototype, yes prototype and not just a mere concept was showcased in an “interesting” video advert that highlighted the use and function of the pram of the future. Take a look below.

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The idea of an autonomous stroller, while a little out there, does have its merits… and demerits. The auto-breaking functionality is pure genius to say the least and the demonstration proves that it can certainly be a very handy feature to have; I’m not quite sure just how much sense the autonomous “follow you around” system has in real value. For one thing it would require you to be situated in front of the stroller where keeping an eye on your child would be extremely hard, unless you really did have eyes at the back of your head.

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While the advancement for technology in this realm has plenty of scope, suffice to say there’s room for improvement, but for an initial development, VW has shown us just how autonomous systems can be put to use in everyday lives and how systems like this could help make lives safer and perhaps in some ways, more secure for our families. I’m sure now that the plan is out there for all of social media to see, it’s only a matter of time before a production model of some kind makes it out to the general public.

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