A chair made from an actual Boeing 737 engine

Those large plane engines that seem to threateningly suck everything around them into their abyss have just been given a whole new treatment. They go by the name of 737 Cowling Chair and are actually comfortable chairs that you can sit in. The brainchild of UK-based furniture design company, Fallen Furniture, the once-engine has been given a major facelift that makes it look both inviting and comfortable, rather than intimidating, loud and made-to-shred.

The engine from which it is fashioned belongs to the Boeing 737 (hence the name). The outer body comprises of a polished aluminum swiveling base and a black-leather upholstered interior. The website that has it up for sale doesn’t mention a price explicitly. But that doesn’t mean that you miss out on an opportunity of owning one of these. So head over to the Fallen Furniture website and place your order.

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[ Via : Boredpanda ]