Give your home a mystic makeover with these glowing fiber optic curtains

Fiber optic home decorative items and collectibles were a huge hit in the late 80s and early 90s; but not anymore. I use to love them when I was a kid; but now I just find them tacky. But these luminous fiber optic curtains seen in the picture above might change my perception; they are outright funky! A company named Lumigram makes luminous fabric items for decor & fashion that are made out of fiber optic that emit colored light. They have a big range of products made from fiber optic and we have covered a couple of items made by the company in the past including the glowing table cloth. This time, their glowing curtain caught our attention. Named Luminous Curtain, it is made of fiber optic fabric, with assorted cotton borders.

The official description reads: “Unlike other light sources like Neon, LEDs or Electroluminescence, the light coming from the fiber optic fabric is subtle and mysterious, producing a beautiful and dazzling luminous effect in dim or shadowed areas.” Available is different sizes, the Luminous Curtain offers 2 brightness levels for different conditions and environments. It can be powered by either AC power or AAA batteries and the curtain can even be handwashed with natural soap. In case you like it and want to decorate your bachelor pad with these glowing curtains, be ready to shell out a whopping 439 Euros per piece ($550 approximately).


[Available at Lumigram]

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