There exists a $277 toilet paper roll and Oscar nominees are getting it

People will go to the pits of the world for some extra bucks; that is they will go to the very bottom. And in this case, not of the earth, but of every polished bum of cine town. Now the strange thing is, we are not talking metaphorically. This year’s Oscar nominees are in for a treat this season. Their gift packs, that usually contain all sorts of goodies like champagne, adult toys, trips to exotic lands, will include a rare gem – a luxury toilet roll by Joseph’s Toiletries. The $277 toilet roll is ‘cloud like’ and made of 100% cellulose fibres. Also, this is not just any high-branded toilet roll. It has been created over five years by some 60 experts. The company wants to make sure people look after their bottoms appropriately, something they have been ignoring since Adam.

Gwyneth Paltrow has apparently vouched for the product through her website Goop. She has earned one less fan from it. This world has gone to the pits. This is like making a (clean) ass of you. Pun very much intended.

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[ Available at : Josephs-Toiletries ]

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