The W Paris-Opéra teams up with Thierry Lasry to create limited edition sunglasses for lucky guests

The W Paris-Opéra (a Starwood Hotels property) is offering a stylish incentive to guests considering a stay in their Extreme WOW Suite. The hotel has collaborated with designer Thierry Lasry to create a number of sunglasses which will be given to guests in the Extreme WOW suite. The functional and chic sunglasses are of course, limited edition and are handcrafted in France. The sunglasses have a vintage inspired shape but use modern colors.

If you check into the W Paris Opéra’s Extreme WOW suite you’ll receive two pairs of sunglasses, a men’s and women’s version. “I was inspired by the hotel’s incredible energy and its location in the beating heart of Paris,” Lasry told Condé Nast Traveler, adding that the design of the eyewear is inspired by the hotel’s signature design elements. The women’s version has gold flecks that reference the hotel’s motif, while the two-tone men’s version pays tribute to the classic Haussmann architectural style of the W Paris-Opéra building.
The suite itself is not too shabby with a floor space of 947-square-foot suite and two fireplaces as well as a six-guest dining area with bar, a soaking tub with spectacular views of Paris city and a king sized circular bed. If the room’s charges of €1,470 ($1660) per night are too steep for your wallet, you can get away with just purchasing the sunglasses which are €350 per pair (around $400).

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[Via – CN Traveler]

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