Louis Vuitton Voyage dans le temps jewelry collection

Louis Vuitton, the name synonym to high-end leather goods, especially travel luggage, has proved that their haute-couture jewelry can add bling to the world of voyages! If you have not been able to stop by at the Louis Vuitton jewelry store at Place Vendome, Paris and have missed taking a look at the Escale à Paris collection, then here is another chance. Louis Vuitton ‘Voyage dans le temps’ collection takes us on a different kind of voyage and invites us to travel through time as we gaze at its new jewels that are inspired by both the past and the future. This one too is designed by Lorenz Bäumer and five different journeys make up this collection which is also linked to idea voyages.

The Dentelle de Monogram necklace from this collection is inspired by Marc Jacobs’ catwalk designs. The Victorian lacework collar in gold and diamonds features the house’s iconic motif of flowers and stars.
Another Dentelle de Monogram necklace can be transformed to be worn as a hair slide or a bracelet. This two-in-one piece of jewelry features details from the trunk’s hardware and fastening systems, such as the locks’ hasps.
The Louis Vuitton ‘Voyage dans le temps’ Dentelle de Monogram is also versatile as it can be worn as a choker or two bracelets.
The Flashforward cuff from this collection plays with the idea of pixels. The red is gran feu enamel against a beautiful checkerboard effect of diamonds.
The Louis Vuitton Voyage Dans le temps Monogram Infini ring boasts of an infinite pattern of gold ripples.
Louis Vuitton Voyage Dans le temps Monogram Infini ring will make an exceptional engagement ring.
The Louis Vuitton ‘Voyage dans le temps’ Galaxie Monogram bracelet in white gold fitted with blue ceramic dust and diamonds stand out for deep blue outer space color.
A spiraling pattern of diamonds surrounds the Fleur d’eÌ terniteÌ earrings and the central tourmaline.
We agree with what Lorenz Bäumer has said “Vuitton likes to break the rules. This is not traditional jewelry, and Vuitton is very brave to do it.”

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