Audi A8L Security worth Rs. 9.15 Cr is Bullet and Bomb proof

German Luxury Automaker Audi launched the most expensive car at the Auto Expo in New Delhi. The virtually indestructible Audi A8L Security has been tested for resistance to explosive charges in accordance with the ERV 2010 guidelines.

Audi A8L Security (5)
Although the new Audi A8L Security looks like any other A8 running on the road, what makes it unique is the safety cell which is made up of extremely resistant materials like aramide fabric, special aluminium alloys, and a hot-formed steel armour. The aluminium exclusively used in the car, the A8L Security is much lighter than most of its competition. Apart from the beefed up body, the window glass is close to six times the thickness of regular Audi A8 sedans, and can shield occupants from gunfire and smaller explosives. This extra strengthening has helped the Audi achieve class VR 7 ballistic protection standards (Certified by the German Ballistics Testing Centre). In fact, most parts of the Audi A8L Security comply with VR 9 and VR 10 requirements. In other words, the Security version is virtually indestructible and can withstand a bullet shot by AK-47, gas attacks, military hand grenades, and is even fire-proof! The time all-wheel drive system to ensure lighting fast escape on even wet and slippery roads.

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For the safety of its high-profile clients, the Audi A8L is manufactured at a top-secret location where highly trained Audi engineers take close to 450 hours to produce a single car. Audi A8L Security costs an unbelievable Rs 9.12 crore, whereas the usual Audi A8L (which by the way is pretty darn luxurious) is priced modestly at Rs 1.17 crore in comparison.

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