JW Marriott Juhu’s new Asian restaurant Dashanzi steals our heart and stomach

Dining at JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu has always been an amazing experience for me and my recent visit was no exception. The place never disappoints be it the food or service, whether it’s dining at their speciality Italian restaurant ‘Mezzo Mezzo,’ feasting on authentic Awadhi cuisine at ‘Saffron,’ sipping on cocktails at ‘Reflections,’ or brunching at ‘Lotus Cafe’ whilst taking in splendid views of a Lotus pond against the backdrop of the sea. Truly one of the finest dining places in in the suburbs and well, the good news…. JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu is adding one more feather to its cap of speciality restaurants.

Chef Don Don and Chef Stanley - Executive Chefs at Dashanzi
Chef Don Don and Chef Stanley – Executive Chefs at Dashanzi

Introducing ‘Dashanzi’ – a trendy restaurant and lounge serving modern Asian cuisine complemented with cocktails and and live sushi and dessert counters. I was invited to be a part of their tasting menu and all I can say is “the food was so good it stole my heart and stomach.” Chef Stanley (Executive Chinese Chef) & Chef Don Don (Executive Japanese Chef) are the masterminds behind this specially curated menu featuring progressive modern Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

Salad of seared ‘Bai-Ling’ mushrooms, truffle and asparagus
Salad of seared ‘Bai-Ling’ mushrooms, truffle and asparagus

After a warm welcome, I was ready to dig into my first appetizer of the evening. ‘Salad of seared ‘Bai-Ling’ mushrooms, truffle and asparagus’ laid out in one of the most elegant and contemporary cutlery. (If you’re looking to get your hands on this cutlery and you will, they are the infamous Pordamsa brand from Spain). After managing to draw my eyes away from the unique design, I focused on my salad and was happy to note that it hit all the right notes. Light, crunchy and full of flavor from a mix of pine nuts, pomegranate and the very distinct truffle. I’m not a fan of veggies but I found myself reaching out for more.

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Dynamite Spider. – Napa Hakusai. – Veg tempura. – The veg tempura pairs well with ginger, carrot, spring onion and soy

From the intricately wrapped and perfectly plated ‘Dynamite Spider’ made with crab meat, nori, mayonnaise and tobiko, to the ‘Nappa Hakusai’ artistically presented in a basket made of Soba noodles; this was not just good food but art so beautiful that it felt a shame to eat it. The veg tempura was another bite that was light, golden, crispy and paired well with a side of ginger, carrot, spring onion and soy sauce.

Dim sums in bamboo baskets. & Chive and Oscietra Caviar, Chicken and Truffle, Prawn in Kaffir Lime Pesto
Dim sums in bamboo baskets. & Chive and Oscietra Caviar, Chicken and Truffle, Prawn in Kaffir Lime Pesto

Next up, oh Lord! Dim sums, Dim sums and more Dim sums. Presented in pretty bamboo baskets, the dim sums were arranged beautifully with a pop of color and art. With ‘Prawn and Petit Herbs’ featuring very tender prawns and feather-light steamed dumpling surrounding the prawns; ‘Chive and Oscietra caviar’ seafood wrapped in black with chive and crowned with pearls of Oscietra caviar; ‘Chicken and Truffle Suimai’ delicious minced chicken topped with truffle; Chilean Sea Bass with Polenta Crust, and more. Overall, perhaps the best dim sums I’ve eaten in a very long time.

BBQ Lamb Chops. - Stir fried seafood rice. - Hokkaidu Scallops and Enokitake Mushrooms
BBQ Lamb Chops. – Stir fried seafood rice. – Hokkaidu Scallops and Enokitake Mushrooms

Next up – the Mains! If you thought the Dim sums looked (and tasted) divine, wait till you hear about the mains. Barbecued lamb chops with braised radish, asparagus and other veggies; stir fried Aubergine in hot bean sauce; and a flavorful and spicy stir fried seafood rice with chili peppers. I eat a great deal of meat and this grill-marked juicy as all hell lamb chop was definitely the best I’ve eaten by far. The veggies and the lamb went very well together, each element excellent in itself but combining effectively to make something even more delicious than the individual components. There was also the seared Hokkaidu scallops tossed in Enokitake mushrooms and a curry laced sauce which combined very well in a wonderful mix of textures and flavors.

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Deconstructed Chocolate Affogato
Deconstructed Chocolate Affogato

To wrap up an evening of great food and company, Chef presented us with the most sinful ‘Deconstructed Chocolate Affogato’ dessert. A scoop of vanilla ice cream within a ball of chocolate which ‘deconstructs’ or melts when hot chocolate sauce is poured over it. The combination of flavors coffee, caramel and chocolate is just divine. An indulgent way to wrap my evening indeed.
Dashanzi-restaurant (2)
My verdict – You cannot go wrong with their new Asian menu. Featuring the likes of progressive Chinese and Japanese cuisine, a first of its kind in Mumbai, I can bet you Dashanzi is going to be a crowd favorite. Dashanzi opens on 3rd July and and will feature an uber-cool décor with a chilled out yet sophisticated vibe alongside breathtaking sea views and lounge music. You can also look forward to an interesting range of Asian cocktails, sake, soju, boutique gins (Dashazi boasts ‘the city’s largest gin bar’). Now, here’s an Asian themed indulgence Mumbaikars can indeed look forward to.

Where :Dashanzi – JW Marriott Mumbai
Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049
Phone: 022 6693 3000

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