Did you know that Kohli’s Audi is faster than Dhoni’s Ferrari – Check out the fastest cars of our cricketers

Cricket since its introduction in India; has been parallel to the social growth of the Indian audience. Come what may, even today, a larger lot of people are either watching the ongoing ODIs or discussing about the upcoming T-20s. As the strategies used in the team have evolved with more and younger players joining in; the Indian audience whose majority is youth is drop-dead fascinated by the playing skills and motor tastes of its idol cricketers.

Be it Mahi’s convoy of elegant & powerful cars and bikes to Virat’s selection for the Audis, Indian cricketers have created a paramount in setting the term “Shauk Badi Cheez hai” (Desires should always be at the Epitome) right in its place!

Here’s a peek into the best of the Indian cricketers alongside the best of their growling beasts!

Rohit Sharma
Rs. 1.39 Crore
0 to 100 kmph – 3.9 seconds

The car is poised with some aggressive luxury blended neatly with the high-performance mill breathing under the hood. Rohit says that it has always been his dream to own this car.

Harbhajan Singh
Hummer H2
Rs. 75 lakhs
0 to 100 kmph – 8.20 seconds

The eminent doosra player loves to flaunt his monumental black beast. The grunting mill within the colossal chassis produces 393 bhp of power and 563 Nm of torque!

Yuvraj Singh
Lamborghini Murcielago
Rs. 2.23 Crore
0 to 100 kmph – 3.8 seconds

All-rounder Yuvraj Singh has been playing savage in every bit of his style, be it in the stadiums with his swift sixes or on the roads as a jaw-dropper. The Murcielago is one of his dearest cars, and why not, it is a rare creation of intrigue to be found now.

Suresh Raina
Porsche Boxster S
Rs. 1.02 Crore
0 to 100 kmph – 6.4 seconds

One of the youngest players to captain the Indian team, Suresh Raina loves to hit the roads in his vibrant yellow Porsche Boxster S during the sunny days.

Virat Kohli
Audi R8 V10
Rs. 2 Crore
0 to 100 kmph – 2.8 seconds

The most-loved face of the millennial generation, Virat Kohli loves to set the powerful V10 to its full horses to savour his R8’s maximum potential. This German beauty marks a top speed of 333 kmph.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Ferrari 599 GTO
Rs. 2.98 Crore
0 to 100 kmph – 3.8 seconds

His love for road gizmos is globally discussed, right from the rare creations to some sky-rocketing priced vehicles. Mahi owns a fleet of these masterpieces amongst which the Cherry red 599 GTO seats neatly. This Italian stunner boasts a powerful V12 mill that produces 386 Nm of peak torque and 412 bhp of power.

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