Review: The exclusive “Bloom” menu at Hakkasan

Flowers are a feast for the senses of sight and smell, obviously, but also, increasingly, for the taste buds. Blooms are enjoying a boom as ingredients in soups, salads and cheeses and as garnishes for cocktails and confections, having found their way onto trendy menus. On similar lines, Hakkasan at Bandra has welcomed summer with an exclusive menu inspired by floral and fruity blossoms of the season crafted by Expat Head Chef Raymond Wong.

This exquisite menu features dim sum, stir fry and main course dishes alongside a special Bloom cocktail to relish. Enter Hakkasan and you know that here glamour never takes a day off as we are greeted with ravishing floral installations draped over the wooden lattice design that beautifully accentuates Ling Ling and Main Dining Room sections of the restaurant. 

The first dish that comes our way is the Chive flower and mushroom dumpling which is shaped like a flower, adding up to its goodness with earthy flavors of shitake and shimeji mushrooms. I loved how the bloom element is added up by the chive flower that gives the dish an added fresh garlic-y flavor! The stir-fry aloe-vera served to us next is a mélange of chive flower and spring onions with perfectly-flavored red chillies and black pepper. A real culinary success, we had to admit!        

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The crispy squid with jackfruit is among the most smashing selections on the menu.

Next, the stellar sandalwood and jasmine smoked chicken with its sensational jasmine tea marinade with sparkling sandalwood essence that is sprayed is a jewel for non-vegetarian dinners. Accompanying the stir-fry dishes was the Five style wild featuring five different colorful grains with the fragrant chili sauce rice. With its crux of the bloom element, this one gives divinity a new meaning.                       T

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For drinks, the exotic Virgin Hakka which combined the goodness of Lychee juice, lime, coconut and passion fruit was the perfect accompaniment to the gorgeous meal. The Bloom menu features some visually delightful dishes with added floral details. Needless to say that it is a classic and floriated Hakkasan-style journey you shouldn’t miss to embark on. A gateway to the land of blossoms!

When: On-going until 30th June 2019

Restaurant Timings: 12 Noon to 4 pm and 7 pm to 1 am

Where: Hakkasan
206 Krystal, Waterfield Road,
Bandra (West), Mumbai 400050
Contact: +91 22 26408800

Note: The critic was invited by the restaurant but all the opinions expressed herewith are her own

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9 Food
9 Ambience
9 Hospitality
9 Décor
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