Review: We try the second edition of the Parsi menu at Gallops

As the countdown to Navroz gets underway, the gorgeous Gallops has rolled out a Navroz special “Jamva Chalo Ji.” We went in to try the lavish Navroz menu that is on offer from 14th to 25th March. It presents traditional flavors with an innovative twist, each dish on the menu has been curated with an authentic flair – so whether you’re a regular or a first-timer wanting to try a traditional Parsi meal; you’ll enjoy it. 

The menu will be served all day and also will be available at the recently launched Al Fresco section at Gallops.

What we love
The Parsi Bhonu includes a tantalizing array of specialties including traditional non-veg delicacies and veg specials too. The fish sourced straight from Gujarat definitely manages to tease our taste-buds. We heartily recommend the Pesu Ni Patra Ni Machhli. Faredoon Na Farcha, fried crispy chicken and Aflatoon Akuri were swoon-worthy deliciousness. 

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There are lots of options for Vegetarians as well!  We recommend the Topli Nu Paneer which is Ricotta like smooth cottage cheese dumplings floating in salted brine. There’s also Sorabji’s Soya goes KhattaMitha a legendary khari with a sweet and sour ‘Mock Kheema’ for starters and much more. For the mains, timeless and classic, the spread has been made with authentic family recipes. Vegetarians don’t miss out on anything as the dishes are made to give you a non-vegetarian like flavor. Patra Na Paneer which is presented in the banana leaf with a generous layer of green chutney to Secret Dhansak Dal which is thick blended masala blended with traditional vegetables served with Caramelized rice.

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We ended our meal on a sweet note with Udvada Nu Sancha Nu Mango Ice Cream which is Hand churned Mango Ice Cream sourced straight from the Zoroastrian Holy Land- (Gujarat). An age-old favorite is Lovjina Lagan Nu Custard- a Parsi version of the French bread & butter Pudding. Both ensured that we ended the ravishing meal with dessert coma. 

Where: Inside Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Via Gate, No:1, KK Road, Royal Western India Turf Club, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400034
Phone: 022-20841234 & 8928947188

Note: The critic was invited by the brand but all the opinions expressed herewith are her own

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