Experience superlative surfing with WaveJet Series 1 Paddleboards

If you’re a serious sports connoisseur ready to hit the shores at any given time, then your enthusiasm deserves a system of another kind- The WaveJet Series 1 System, which is a compact and organized system to make watersports much more exciting for you. Each WaveJet System comes equipped with WaveJet Board (5 to choose from), WaveJet Power Pod, Blank Pod (for surfing without power), WaveJet Seatooth Wrist Controller, WaveJet Charging Station, and WaveJet Toolkit as well as Product Manual. You might want to check out the 10’ 6” Walden SUP and the 10’ 6” WaveJet Kings SUP that are one of the niche paddleboards in the collection.

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There is an option of advance payment of $500 on each of the Series 1 WaveJet Systems, and the rest of the amount can be paid when it will ship on May 1, 2012. The WaveJet Walden system and the WaveJet Kings system are priced at $4,800.
[Walden SUP 106 and King SUP 106]

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