Fit and fabulous – Check out the staggering amount of money these 10 fitness divas are making per Instagram post

For many 2020 has been the year of the pandemic; for some it’s been the year of food and for many it’s been the year they took on fitness as a lifestyle choice. Several weeks of lockdown has forced people to go two ways- one way was the easier choice of bingeing and the second was to get in shape. With a lot of people taking to fitness, the future is certainly fit, not so much about a ripped body than holistic growth. Whether you opt for running, CrossFitting, or trampolining, there has been ample help on Instagram. Fitness influencers (yes, that’s a thing) have exhibited their lifestyle, their regimens, shared workouts, inspired your fitness regimes, and motivated their many million followers with a body to-die-for! They are surely living their healthiest and richest life by making as much as a whopping $67k per Instagram post. Do you have a favorite fitness influencer yet? Is your preferred fitness influencer featured in the list below? Let’s find out-

10. Julia Gilas, 480k followers, $15901 per post
This fitness model turned social media star has served the world with some delicious images of herself. Her growing her presence through Instagram is proof the world can get enough of her drop-dead-gorgeous looks. She is one of the leading female figures in the industry, inspiring millions to follow a healthy lifestyle through her work.

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9. Eva Andressa, 555k followers, $18419 per post
A former bodybuilder who sought validation for her work by winning numerous titles she gained a lot of popularity when she started fitness modelling. Her incredible journey from being a skinny girl to an absolute goddess served as an inspiration to many to date.

8. Lauren Drain, 3.8 million followers, $21,900 per post
A shining example of determination over situation, Lauren’s life is all about emerging a winner from whatever challenges are thrown your way. A professional bikini athlete and online sensation, Lauren has gained a mass of followers that closely follow her journey.

7. Yoga Girl, 2.1 million Instagram followers, $25,100 per post
Rachel Brathen is not your average social media star. Her aim is to teach and spread the benefits of Yoga as a fitness regime which has gained her a massive following over the years. She uses her Instagram captions to encourage her followers in a very real, honest, and relatable way.

6. Pamela Reif, 6 million followers, $46,100 per post
This 23-year-old German fitness icon enjoys the attention of 6 million followers on Instagram. Add to these almost 4 million followers on YouTube and she enjoys a hefty package.

5. Kayla Itsines – 12.6 million followers – $60,615 per post
This Australian beauty is fit as a fiddle and 12.6 million Instagram followers strong. Her at-home workouts are super rigorous and extremely popular among those who really like sweating it out.

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4. Anllela Sagra, 11.7 million followers – $60,780 per post
With 11.7 million on Instagram and a further 350k YouTube subscribers, this model-turned fitness icon claims washboard abs like hers are made in the kitchen and not in the gym. The Anllela Sagra diet will help you get the perfect physique.

3. Ana Cheri,12.5 million followers – $60,600 per post
Activewear and fitness influencer Ana Cheri has an active Instagram following of 12.6 million who devote their time not only to her fitness regime but also her fashionable take on fitness.

2. Jen Selter, 12.8 million followers – $61,970 per post
According to the Future Fit estimations, the US fitness guru boasts a solid Instagram following (12.8 million followers) and takes home a lot of moolah owing to her Instagram presence, with a small amount through YouTube videos.

1.Michelle Lewin – 13.7 million followers – $67,300 per post
Rightly called gym queen extraordinaire with a massive following of 13.6 million followers, Michelle Lewin is a Venezuelan bodybuilder and fitness model. She makes all her money from social posts about her life and fitness routines between Instagram and YouTube.


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