Johnnie Walker Gold Label remains chilled in the new gilded Ice Pillar

Beer tastes best when chilled and Singha Beer Bag helps to do that, even on the move, without compromising on style. Here’s one such elegant packaging design for the whiskey guzzlers, too if you are a fan of the spirits from Johnnie Walker’s stable, its time for you to savor their whiskey Gold Label in a new style, which is serving the drink chilled! France based QSLD Paris has created new packaging for you to enjoy your drink better. All you need to do is place it in the freezer and then transfer it to the Ice Pillar when you plan to serve drinks. This Ice Pillar cabinet comes coated with interiors coated in gold leaf to match the Gold Label it houses.

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The transparent outer cabinet shows the ice that will be placed around the bottle. Moreover, you will find the cabinet adorned with a gold anodized metal ring and embossed logos. I say bottoms up!

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