Rest your dearly departed on the moon for $12,000

For those looking to assure themselves that their loved ones who have passed are laid to rest in a place that’s both wondrous and serene then perhaps the best place on earth isn’t quite on earth at all. Elysium Space, the stellar company that offers to send your near and dear ones to the outer regions of the planet and further have now got an even more interesting option for their dearly departed clientele. To make their final resting places as peaceful and beautiful as can be, they’re offering you the Moon!

Dubbed the Lunar Memorial, Elysium Space now has a service in place that will lay to rest our departed brethren on earth’s one and only satellite, the moon. A small amount of ashes (around 1 gram) will be collected and placed inside a small but well crafted metal box and then loaded aboard the Astrobotic’s Griffin lander before it blasts off into space towards the celestial body. The box can be engraved with a message (not quite sure who would read or even see it out there) or have the initials of the departed.
Elysium Space offers departed on Moon 5
All of this would cost you, the living descendents, about $11,950; however, if you happen to be among the first 50 pre-need registrants you could get the service carried out for just $9,950. The price would also include a video of the launch event. So maybe you always wanted to be an astronaut growing up and never quite made it off the ground, this could your chance to finally go where you always wanted to and never have to worry about G Forces, aeronautic training or the cost of getting there. And in case you thought of becoming an intrepid space explorer, try to stay on this plane for a little longer as Elysium Space plans on introducing a Milky Way Memorial that would get your final remains sent across our Galaxy.

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