This Leica-inspired handcrafted lock is perfect for your classy camera bag

Are you a photography enthusiast obsessed with Leica? Well, here is your chance to pair your prized Leica gear and its classy camera bag with a handcrafted combination lock that looks like a miniature classic Leica camera. Now, how cool is that! Called Noctilock, a play on Leica’s “Noctilux” branding for ultra-fast lenses, the collectible lock is the work of Walter Pretorius of Walter Leica – a small company known for making Leica accessories. The brand’s website is full of Leica-inspired accessories like corrective eyepieces, high contrast lenses, straps, cases, and memory card holders. The Noctilock is made from solid brass and features a front lens that swivels to allow you to set the combination on the bottom. The tiny inlay on the lock is authentic ostrich leather.

Each of these locks is handmade by Walter himself and will be made in limited numbers. Since each of them is handcrafted, no two locks are completely identical to each other, making them unique. The Noctilock is available through the Walter Leica website and can be yours for $138, which includes DHL shipping.


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