Review: An evening of aromatic enchantment at the Quan Spa in JW Marriott, Aerocity, New Delhi

One long stroke along the back and I could already begin to feel the return of that highly coveted (yet reclusive) arch that all women crave, besides the anticipated aromatic sensory awakening! After all, this was the Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience. I was at the Quan Spa at New Delhi’s JW Marriott hotel and pardon me if I cannot recollect much else from the visit. If you scroll down though, you will find me trying to place back pieces from what could best be called an evening of enchantment.

quan-spa-1The name JW Marriott, Aerocity might ring a delectable bell from my account of the lavish Sunday brunch at K3, the all-day dining abode there. But this was no champagne fuelled meal (which comes with its own lulling of senses). This was a whole other aromatherapy oils induced ball game that began in a wonderfully lit reception and ended long after I left the marvelous massage room. With a name that translates to “a source of pure water” in Chinese, the spa offers quite the water-enhanced welcome at its entrance. Officially unveiled recently it has been functional since December 2013 and features a host of signature therapies and treatments.

Speaking of, mine started in the seating area itself, with a cup of green tea and a towel that was not only warm but also fragrant. Of course, this was only to be my first encounter with healing scents that evening. So, as I gulped by tea, I also began to get more and more aware of the extravagance around me. And while that would’ve inevitably led to an increase in expectations, I still wasn’t prepared for the artistry in what came next. Now remember, this applies as much to the skill of my therapist as it did, the installation in the suite. Carved of wood, the terrific tree pattern adorning one wall of my treatment room was awe evoking. Unfortunately, I had to snap my jaw shut when I sat with my back facing to it.

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A vessel filled with water and floating rose petals signaled the trademark feet rinsing routine. All changed and set to slump by now, I was asked to move to the massage bed for beginning the therapy. Instead, I plummeted to my own cushioned reverie. Now massages are known to put people to sleep but no sir/ ma’am, not me. I get lost in thought along the way somehow, yet this time was different and by that I don’t mean the opposite, I mean unique. Attribute it to my therapist, Tingsang, who said not but a few words and seemed in a very expert trance of her own giving her time to each area without missing a beat. Or to the amalgamation of various essential body oils by London’s Aromatherapy Associates renowned for the excellence in skincare luxury.

But getting back to Tingsang, Quan must really know what it’s doing and by that I mean, more so than the others because she really seemed a champ at Swedish and neuromuscular techniques. In fact, it’s almost like she was one of the rare few, who really understand reflex points on the soles of the feet. And include them adequately in therapy. It was in those moments that I was convinced she’d do what the Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience promises, rekindle the energy flow throughout the body. Then there were those other moments, such as the one where I was made to inhale a particular oil three times.

Now I know this was no film noir and I was no captured protagonist. Heck, I was in a 10,000 sq. ft. sprawling spa of all places but when Tingsang rubbed essential oil (Eucalyptus, I’m guessing) on her palms and asked me to inhale thrice, it really put my mind in a tizzy. Then again, that’s just good ol’ imaginative me and the process greatly improved my breathing. Such excitement during something that is known to put people to sleep coupled with those strokes of vital relaxation made me greedy for more by the end. And I already swore to myself that soon I would return, perhaps for an experience in another one of their 6 treatment rooms. For now, I had some place else to be.

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I thanked Tingsang and attempted to follow her through what I can recollect to be ambiently lit mirages. Okay I warned you, my memory is a bit hazy when it comes to that evening, post massage moments to be exact and you know that can only mean one thing. I had a fabulous time and still wafting in perfumes for proof, I stepped into one swanky ladies’ lounge. Spending a few refreshing minutes in the steam and sauna sections so as to allow the oils to completely seep in I awoke a little to find my way back. I’m glad I didn’t try that alone though because the geometric pattern on the walls added to the oasis, a slight labyrinthine element but also a great chance for Quan’s staff to showcase their hospitable excellence.

Upon being guided back, I proceeded with the customary shower to wash off all the oils in an elegant bathroom although if I’d had my way, I’d have crawled into one of their nooks. Just kidding! (Not really, though.) The facility does include a salon, fitness center and swimming pool. And I did want to roll over and go off to sleep given how thoroughly relaxed I felt after the glorious ritual. Anyway, I already had incentive to quickly smarten up and exit. Because while this might be hard to believe, you know how things actually got better from there? Soothing of mind, body and soul was promptly followed by palate, as an uber haute Akira Back dinner is what came next. Kampai (cheers)!

quan-spa-6Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience (90 minutes) – INR 4,500 ($ 75)

Quan Spa – JW Marriott, Aerocity, New Delhi,
Asset Area 4 – Hospitality District,
Delhi Aerocity,
New Delhi – 110037,
Phone No: 91-11-45212121


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