Audi City, the automaker’s first digital showroom opens in London

Shopping for cars is not like looking for shoes or dresses in a boutique; well, not until today. If you wanted to shop for your next Audi, just like picking up clothes, then the Audi City, a metropolis cyberstore in London, is the place to be. The digital showroom will help buyers build a customized Audi of their choice on a 1:1 scale with every little detail shown to you. Once you have picked a car you like, you can coordinate with the ‘Customer Relationship Managers’ at the store to buy a car on the spot.

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The showroom features a touch-screen monitor, which projects the final output on an LED screen. These CRMs assisted with iPads to help them complete their orders. Just put the final project on a USB device, and any alterations will only be visible via the store alone. While this is just a first, you can expect 20 more Audi Cities at popular destinations by 2015. For more details, check out the video after the jump.

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