Harley-Davidson Electric Balance Bike is great for safe and secure riding

My daughter doesn’t know how to ride a bike. I guess I can finally tempt her into trying the wonderful outdoor activity now that Harley-Davidson has unveiled a rather awesome electric balance bike for kids. This is the first of the duo of electric-powered balance bikes for kids between the ages of 3-7. IRONe12 is the first model suitable for younger kids while IRONe16 is meant for older kids. The specs are impressive too; the lithium-ion batteries allow users to extend the ride time with a push-button quick release that allows them to change them. The batteries come full equipped with 20Vmax voltage (18Vnom) and 2Ah, allowing riders to hit the road for 30-60 minutes, while the charge time is from 30-60 minutes for a full charge depending on the model. The seat lies low which is actually great for kids as it makes them feel secure with their feet firmly planted on the ground. Similarly going off balance won’t be scary.

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Both electric bike models offer three power modes: training, standard, and advanced. The training one tops of at 5mph (8.05 km/h), the standard one range from 7mph (11.27 km/h) and the advanced ranges from 9mph (14.48 km/h). Harley-Davidson electric balance bike for kids’ starts at USD $649.


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