This 1287-horsepower Chinese super sports sedan promises performance that can give Elon Musk sleepless nights. It has better interiors, it goes from 0 to 62 mph in just 2 seconds and it has Rolls Royce like stylish suicide doors.

Chinese premium EV manufacturer HiPhi has revealed a new super sports sedan that promises performance figures that can put just about any combustion-engine supercar to shame. Called the HiPhi A, it’s a hotter version of the HiPhi Z liftback sedan unveiled last year. Not only does it pack a lot more power than the liftback version, the HiPhi A also features a wild aero package that includes a massive rear wing. In fact, the HiPhi A looks straight out of a sci-fi movie with its razor-sharp cuts and creases. The super sports sedan’s front end might look like a futuristic version of the Nissan GT-R, but the overall design is quite impressive. Instead of traditional door mirrors, the HiPhi A comes with side cameras to reduce drag. The humongous wing at the rear appears to be made out of forged carbon, which further augments the appeal of the high-performance EV. Another interesting design element of the HiPhi A is Rolls-Royce-like suicide doors.

The HiPhi A was developed in partnership with Apollo Automobil, a German sports car manufacturer headquartered in Denkendorf. The company was founded by former director of Audi Sport, Roland Gumpert. The sports sedan’s electric powertrain features three electric motors, one at the back and two in the front, which have a cumulative power output of 1,287hp.

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According to its makers, the HiPhi A can accelerate from 0-62mph in just over 2 seconds, making the Chinese super sports sedan a serious threat to the Tesla Model S Plaid. Tesla’s flagship luxury sedan has a claimed 0-60mph time of 1.99 seconds. However, the Model S Plaid has a better top speed of 200mph, as compared to HiPhi A’s 186mph top end.

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In addition to packing some serious performance, the Chinese high-performance EV also is equipped with some impressive hardware and tech. In addition to rear-wheel steering, it has adaptive damping and torque-vectoring capabilities. It is built on an 800-volt architecture like the Porsche Taycan, giving it a faster charging time. However, HiPhi has not revealed any information on the battery pack, range, or charging time, which will be announced closer to the market launch. The pricing has also not been announced, but we hope the super sports sedan makes its way to the US and the European markets. It can spoil Tesla’s party if HiPhi manages a price undercut.

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