Newell Redesigned P2000i RV with a hint of Porsche

Elegance and innovation symbolize this stylish home on wheels, which features plentiful customer-driven design rudiments. Based in a small town in northeastern Oklahoma, this luxury motor coach builder leads the customization industry. Newell Coach Corporation of Miami has exposed the latest motor home, the P2000i, which sells for more than a million dollars. The upgraded P2000i is a coach that sets the current standards against which to measure other coach efforts. The improvements include a new suspension system; a diesel engine with higher horsepower and torque; a 10-speed transmission; a new roofline; redesigned front and rear caps; frameless windows; a floor plan that incorporates a rear stateroom with a Murphy bed; and a weight-saving, completely enclosed, transverse-mounted 15-kW PowerTech diesel generator, which was recently introduced.

The heart and soul of the P2000i, which is built on Newell’s own chassis, is the C15 Caterpillar engine and a ZF 10-speed transmission. Once parked, four sections expand outwards to maximize interior space. Newell contracted Porsche Engineering, the German sports car maker’s consultancy arm, to help modernize the P2000i. Although you’d be surprised to know that Porsche’s only contribution is the refurbished front end, with Xenon headlamps and “European” styling. About 40 of these luxurious house-on-wheels are produced every year and each one takes about 10 months to build. It’s said to be one of the most luxurious motor homes on the market, a favorite of car dealers, businessmen, and race car drivers.

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