From the aroma of fish and chips to the waft of The Underground – You can now buy fresh UK air in bottles for $30

The concept of bottled air isn’t new. Years ago, Vitality Air sold bottles of fresh air, straight from the Rocky Mountains to pollution-hit China. What started as a joke turned out to be a complete sell-out. Another Englishman sold fresh air from ‘fertile, lush pastures and wild, untouched meadows of Dorset, Somerset, Wales, Wiltshire, and Yorkshire. Currently, we live in travel-deprived times, where we miss not just much-loved designations but many times even the hug or a touch of a loved one. Never before has the idea of bottled air from your favorite destinations made more sense than now when we are constantly looking for ways to battle the travel bug while staying safe? The solution comes to us through a the UK delivery service company called My Baggage that delivers bottles of fresh English air straight from the source. It makes for an endearing gift for homesick Britons living overseas who missed London streets’ festivities and bright lights this year. Other than bottles of ‘fresh air’ from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, air captured on the London Underground and air from the inside of a busy Norfolk fish and chip shop are also available.

My Baggage explains, ‏’each 500ml ‏of air comes with a cork stopper so the owners can open (it) for a moment, take a breath and quickly close again, allowing many weeks or even months of use’. Fresh bottled British Air is available for purchase online at for roughly $33. Aside from the four UK countries, the company can also take on special requests for other specific UK locations.

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[Available at My Baggage Via: CNN]

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