Sit back and let the photographer capture your magical holiday

Imagine a holiday where you can actually engage, explore and enjoy your destination – disconnecting yourself not only from work and social media but even from the mobile and camera. Impossible? Because how would you capture those holiday memories? Well, that’s possible too. Thanks to the sheer genius of an idea from El Camino Travel, a new outfitter run by Katalina Mayorga and Marianna Jamadi, that sends a photographer to do the important work of capturing your holiday memories, while you spend your days surfing, shopping, wining and dining.

Every day at breakfast, the photographer will join you and relive the past day – giving guests immediate access to 20-30 images of them enjoying your vacation – just enough for those social media brag-posts. At the end of the trip, the rest of the images are handed over to the guests.
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“We all live in an image-driven world,” Marianna adds. “When we were first talking about this, we liked the idea of remembering what pure experiences look like: that you can unplug, that you don’t need to see the world through your iPhone. But at the same time we all want to share our experience on social media.”

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The idea came to Katalina after watching a group of tourists enjoying their scenic background through their iPhones. “Mobile technology is fantastic—I have no judgment—but it was just an ‘aha’ moment where I realized travel is different now.”

We truly are a complicated generation – one that is willing to give up on enjoying the real moment for the cause of capturing it for social media. But that’s the order of the day and thanks to a photographer doing his job, we can not only unplug but also engage with locals, make conversation, make friends and take home a whole new way of vacationing.

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Makes you wonder why no one thought of this sooner?

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