Steve Jobs yacht, the Venus, impounded due to unfinished payments

Before his passing, the late Steve Jobs, CEO and the brains behind one of the world’s biggest technology firms, Apple, had commissioned the crafting of a superyacht. A luxurious and plush yacht built specifically for Mr. Jobs, the vessel’s building wasn’t in Steve’s lifetime. Owing to this, the Apple co-founder never really got to enjoy the luxuries of his investment that costs $126 million. But that isn’t why the yacht was in the news lately! According to reports, this superyacht christened the “Venus,” which has been impounded by authorities in Amsterdam.

The Venus was designed by designer Philippe Starck’s company Ubik and has been impounded due to unfinished payments on Mr. Jobs’ behalf. Of the $11 million to be paid for the yacht’s commissioning, only $8 million was received by Ubik. The yacht was finally impounded recently and will be docked at a Dutch port until a settlement is reached.

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Update – The Yacht is now free to sail as an arrangement has been reached between the Jobs estate and Phillipe Starck, who helped Jobs design the vessel.


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