This is not a Japanese capsule hotel but the business class of the future which will offer individual climate control, much more privacy and of course much more hygiene

Coronavirus has given rise to new levels of sanitization and care, which has resulted in pods of all kinds becoming a thing. People now like to avoid people instead of mingling, which is why these pods are turning out to be ridiculously practical and preferred. Yesterday we featured a work-from-home pod that makes life in the lockdown a tad bit easier. Similarly, there’s Anthénea, an eco-friendly floating party pod that can sail where ever you want or the Seedpod, an ideal floating micro resort for your post-quarantine escapades. Keeping up with the theme of quarantine, solidarity and social distance is a London design firm that has come up with several aircraft seating concepts in the age of coronavirus with a 3-D design that it hopes could offer newer, safer options for first and business class. The newly designed Air Lair allows for climate control, privacy, and heightened sanitation for each passenger and fits existing aircraft interiors. The designers reimagined the aircraft interior as a honeycomb. The passengers can safely nestle without sharing proximity with a co-passenger who they may in all probability not know. The pods also allow travelers to have a more personalized flying experience as you can control the temperature, airflow, lighting, and entertainment settings.

This surely seems convincing as the future of flying and the Factorydesign even proposed Air Lair be applied to the rear of the aircraft in place of classes, for different flight profiles. After all, there are all types of passengers- workaholics, families, single travelers, and, of course, and those who prefer luxury cabins. Peter Tennent, director of Factorydesign, said, “The idea of cocooning was built around the principle that every passenger would get their own pod. The stacked nature of the concept requires a ceiling within each pod and that, combined with the additional furniture around the passenger, provides a heightened sense of being cocooned.”

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