This is the first airline to open a lounge in a theme park

Universal Studios Japan has announced its official airline – Japan Airlines. JAL becomes the first airline in the world to open a lounge inside a theme park. [Hah! Beat you to it, Dubai!] the service is available for First Class, Business Class and frequent passengers of the airline. The most striking feature of the lounge is the ‘Back to the Future: The Ride’ area. The DeLorean is perched on a heavy set of shrubs. Through the lounge passengers get to experience the Back to the Future experience, where a simulation will take you hrough different terrains (mountain, desert, snow) and scenarios (ice age, dinosaurs, volcanoes) in the famous sedan. The installation was put up by JAL in order to provide a one-stop spot for travellers with a keen taste for adventure and fantacy.

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A flip side to this is the more refined, luxurious lounge where travellers can sit back and relax before their flight. It is well-equipped with comfortable seating, food & drink options and other basic amenities. Members of the airline’s JAL Mileage Bank also get added benefits of getting access for up to five family members.

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