This townhall of a small Danish town is so picturesque it can put a billionaires mansion to shame

This ultramodern town hall is probably unlike any other that you’ve ever seen. Not only is its design a marvel to look at, it is also boasts a scenic location where it melds beautifully into its natural surroundings.

This town hall serves the municipality of Eystur which is comprised of the towns of Leirvík and Gøta which are on opposite sides of the pictured stream. It seems symbolic that this town hall is like a bridge that brings the two towns together. These towns are part of the Faroe Islands, a self-governing collection of islands that are part of Denmark.

Designed by Henning Larsen Architects partner Ósbjørn Jacobsen (a Faroese man himself), the 750m2 hall has a contemporary angular shape. On its roof is a walkway that locals can use as a bridge to cross the stream.

On the inside, floor to ceiling windows flood the space with light while light hued wood décor and design elements give the space a minimal and natural feel.

“Many contemporary contributions to Faroese architecture directly copy elements from traditional buildings,” Jacobsen told Dezeen. “I find it much more interesting to look into the underlying thoughts of traditional buildings.”

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“The primary conceptual idea behind the design of the town hall is driven by the notion of this fleeting line between landscape and building. I believe that could be one way to approach modern Faroese architecture,” he added.

Town Hall meetings would definitely be a lot more interesting if all Halls were like this!

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