Youtube’s Casey Neistat reviews and gives us a glimpse inside the worlds most luxurious first-class experience

Let’s face it, not many of us are going to enjoy traveling on Etihad Airline’s ‘the residence’ on an A380 aircraft. Popular YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat did (and for free!) and showed and wowed the world with his experience. For those who say money can’t buy happiness? Crying in your bedroom inside the residence on a plane is way better than sniffing in economy class. Read on to witness the wonders that take place in this exclusive space:

Revelation number one is, the residence like a literal one has 3 rooms- full-fledged living room, bedroom, and bathroom.

The vlogger is welcomed by his VIP Travel Concierge who hands over a Wi-Fi pass, a headset, some pajamas, and a lounge robe to be even more comfortable in his space.

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The living room houses 2 full-size seats that recline completely. Could rightfully be called a super-comfy couch.

spacious could be an understatement when you have 3 feet of legroom. That could fit a whole new person.

The bedroom comprises of ultimate luxury as it has the same privacy and comforts of a real room up in the air.

The bathroom is one of the few private bathrooms you will find just for yourself up in the air which is why everything about it is exclusive. It’s well-equipped with products like Acqua Di Parma hand-cleanser, moisturizer, soaps, and fresh towels. A fully functional shower and a hairdryer are provided to cause why not right?

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Noa trip can be complete without great food and great food was served – the culinary treat starts with a first course followed by the main course, palate cleanser, and a second main course.

If you are all about experiences more than material things, this is where your money should be splurged on at least once in a lifetime.


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