Rolex accidentally flushed down the toilet makes its way back home after sixteen months

Who could have ever imagined that a Rolex accidentally flushed down the toilet and lost to the city’s complex drainage system would be recovered after a year and a half, in perfect working condition! It was in 2016 when Chino Hills-resident Celia Twiford had dropped her $8500 Rolex in the loo, a precious gift she had received from her husband as a birthday gift. “You know when you get off the toilet and you turn around… it was already too late,” Twiford said of the moment she realized her Rolex was gone. The couple called two plumbers and the City of Chino Hills in an attempt to recover the watch, but it was gone.

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Sixteen month later, Celia got a call from Carlos Diaz, a Chino Hills city worker, who had miraculously found the watch amidst debris and muck that had collected near a manhole a mile down the hill from her home. Coincidentally, Diaz had been on the initial November 2016 call about the missing Rolex and instantly knew whom to call. “The moment I saw it, I knew it was her watch because there aren’t too many Rolexes floating up out of the water,” Diaz commented. What’s interesting is that even after spending months in the Chino Hills sewage system, the Rolex emerged fully-functional and the only damage it endured was a missing stone. Mr. Diaz polished the watch and returned it to Celia Twiford, giving the story a happy ending.

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