Tinder for watches will help you match with your dream timepiece from over 250 brands

Finding a date is tough, especially around the holiday season, but finding the perfect watch that has all the qualities you’ve been looking for is even tougher. Just like online dating platforms has made it easier for single people, a similar service that matches you with your dream watch has finally made its way to the stateside. Swiss company WatchAdvisor, which claims to be the world’s biggest database for timepieces, has launched the “WatchTinder” service in the US in partnership with authorized watch e-retailer Troverie. The online database has already been helping watch enthusiasts across Europe to research, compare and choose their perfect timepiece, and now the service will cater to American watch lovers.

The WatchTinder service works similar to the Tinder dating app and makes a match based on some brief preferences. WatchTinder asks a set of lifestyle questions which include the selection of preferred watch type and several other preferences. The user also has to select whether they prefer “luxurious and distinguished,” “luxurious and recognizable,” “affordable and distinguished,” or “affordable and recognizable” timepieces. Based on the preferences, WatchTinder creates a personalized list of “matches” from over 250 brands you can swipe through. Once the user is matched with the perfect watch, the service connects with Troverie to give the option for the purchase. WatchTinder also has the option for users to build a Pinterest-like board of watches and also build a wish list.


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