A Lucky Chinese mobile phone number ending in five ‘8s’ fetched a whopping $300,000 at auction

Numbers are the universe’s way to communicate with you. If you too believe in this philosophy, read on to know about a ‘lucky’ phone number that was recently fetched a grand $300 k in China. Rendered highly auspicious as per Chinese numerology, the phone number was auctioned online after hundreds of people made their bets to grab it!

The said number ends in five eights, making it a very lucky one as per Chinese Astro-sciences. The word ‘eight’ sounds similar to the Mandarin word for ‘prosperity’ and is considered particularly fortunate in Chinese culture. At the same time, the ‘four’ resonates with ‘death’ in Mandarin and is hence one of the least favored digits.

The online sale attracted over five thousand bids from phone users as well as Chinese phone companies. between Saturday and Sunday. The winner of the auction paid a total of 400 yuan to join it and will be needed to pay the remaining sum within ten days to close the deal.
So sought for is the digit ‘eight’ in China that even the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing started officially at eight minutes past eight on the eighth day of August, the eighth month. Looks like its Eight for the win after all!

[Via: Reuters]

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