Victoria Beckham aka Posh’s Pricey Hair-do

Here is Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) strutting down the street in London just after she spent $3000 on a hair-do. After the appointment, Victoria appeared keen to draw attention to her new look as she strode purposely down London’s fashionable Bond Street in a leather skirt and blouse open to her waist. Posh had to make an emergency trip home to her hairstylist after pictures were shown of her losing her hair. Mrs Beckham, 32, made a desperate phone call to stylist Seleny Georghiou pleading with her to fly out to Germany to replace her old hair extensions which had been tugging at her natural hair and causing an embarrassing bald spot.

The appointment took five hours in which time all her old extensions were removed and new ones were put in. Oh yeah, and did we mention she gets her extensions done every three months for a $3,000. The fabulous life of Victoria includes extensions made of real hair from all over the world, but mainly Poland, Russia and India. Victoria is a big fan of hair extensions, which are woven into the hair and glued or heat-sealed in place. But experts warn they can put excessive pressure on the scalp, with the risk of natural hair being pulled.

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