Marie Louise Lamp for this Christmas

I failed to understand why the makers have named this pricey lamp as Marie Louise Lamp! But what’s in a name? So I decided to go ahead and bring to your notice this distinctive yet elegant lamp shade that will brighten up its surroundings as well as ignite many conversations. The Marie Louise was created by Buro Vormkrijgers and is made of PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate aka ‘acrylic) sheets that are cut out in the silhouette of a traditional lamp. A number of these sheets are then arranged together to form a 3D version.

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The lamp is illuminated with a special 14-watt fluorescent bulb running down the center that can be customized with a series of colored filters including amber, yellow, orange, purple, blue, pink, red, and green. You can also opt for an engraved version of the lamp that includes intricate etchings on the ’shade’ portion. The standard version sells for $1000 and the engraved version for $1300.

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