House of Borgezie fashions a solid platinum stiletto for $112,000

Finally, a stiletto that takes four years to fashion! This is one fashionable feat that was yet to beat. Even harder to fathom is that the stiletto in question, the Borgezie Platinum Cleopatra, is the world’s first solid platinum stiletto. Yes, it is indeed platinum, fit for Cleopatra’s antiquated atrium.

Makers from the House of Borgezie claim that the shoes took hundreds of hours to craft. Why would they not! After all, platinum isn’t your average shoe metal fare. The precious metal has to be heated up to an extremely high temperature. ‘The end result is a creation of empowerment and liberation and something that suspends all women onto a perfect statuesque plinth,’ says Christopher of his creation. We believe you, Christopher. After all, you gave us the $160,000 bespoke gold and diamond footwear, following which the $112,000 platinum stiletto is just another precious feather in your bejeweled hat.

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[Via – Borgezie and Dailymail]

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