Shaped like a man’s mouth this has to be the freakiest purse ever

Trust the Japanese to conceptualise something bizarre, and get oodles of attention for it. Japanese music producer and amateur artist Doooo has designed a coin purse that bears a striking resemblance to the human mouth; yes, you heard it right.

It’s undoubtedly one of the most ridiculous products I have things I’ve ever seen. Doooo’s Twitter video got 12 million views and went viral overnight. He uploaded his creation on June 1st to showcase it to his fans and received an overwhelming response.

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The coin purse actually opens up like a human mouth and features realistic-looking teeth and pink, wet-looking gums. An artificial stubble encircles the mouth, creating a rather lifelike appearance to the lower half of a man’s face.

Evidently, Doooo’s creative fluids are active flowing.


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