DNP SuperNova Flex Screen is daytime friendly

If there’s one factor limiting the wider acceptance of front video projection in the home it’s the need to view the projected image in a darkened room. The simple fact is that video screens reflect light, and if that light comes from something other than a projector, perhaps a partially covered window, the screen doesn’t care. Stray light reflected off the screen, will inevitably degrade the richness and depth of the image. DNP is the solution to this setback! Germany’s DNP has unveiled the Supernova Flex Screen, which claims to deliver “ten times” the contrast and “double” the brightness compared to standard screens when used in daylight. Contrast levels exceed 20:1 and with a gain of 2.0, the Supernova Flex Screen allows presenters to achieve maximum effect in broad daylight and in an ergonomically designed environment.

The screen features an ultra-fine pitch of 0.065 mm that provides a vertical resolution of 20,000 lines with a 100″ version of the screen and infinite horizontal resolution. The DNP Supernova Flex Screen is available in sizes up to 100″ in 4:3 format and up to 120″ in 16:9. We are still clueless about the pricing though. The DNP Supernova Screen has some accolades to boast of as it was named an honouree of the Innovations 2006 Design and Engineering Showcase at CES 2006 – the world’s largest consumer electronic show and was also awarded the “Best Buzz” at InfoComm International 2005.

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