For $50k you can buy one of the most accurate model race track replicas

This scenic model race track just jumped to the top of our holiday wish lists. Designed this track as a nod to the dramatic Hillclimb racing in from years past, this raceway from Slot Mods includes signature scenery, details, features, and racing. Hillclimb racing basically refers to a time when anyone with a fast car and the courage to keep their foot in it, raced-up twisting mountainsides to see who could make it to the top the quickest.

This made to order track includes a 6′ x 12′ wooden two-lane, 1/32 scale inspired recreation of classic Hillclimb from the 1960s and 70s. It features scenic elements including handcrafted, period-correct structures, signage, bridges, and grandstands; don’t miss the incredibly detailed natural elements including trees, rocks, and grass that all look incredibly lifelike.
The track comes with six slot cars and two controllers as well as a Lap timing or race management system & PC tablet. Each track costs a hefty $50,000, but you can’t forget that these toys are made to order and take 3-4 months to build! We imagine most racing enthusiasts would want to tuck this piece away in a game room, but we would flaunt it in an office space; there’s nothing quite like a high-speed race to get your productivity levels shooting up!

[Available at : Slotmods ]

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