Whoever thought Bento boxes were cool has to check out Kaviari’s luxe Caviar Box

Whether you’re looking for a great gift or a great dinnertime indulgence, Kaviari house is your one stop, concept shop. After the success of their Food Boxes, they’ve unveiled a Caviar Box. Also, if you’re noob looking to turn connoisseur, the box replete with 20g caviar of white sturgeon, a product of the sea, Kaviari tableware items and recipe is the perfect way to learn the nuances of pairing and savoring the luxe item.

Designed around a monthly seasonal recipe, Caviar Box will come with one Kaviari sea product such as crab meat, salmon’s heart, smoked halibut, etc every month. And offer uninitiated gourmands, a chance to learn more about the ingredient’s woody flavors. If you’re one, you can subscribe to future Caviar Box and take advantage of free delivery and order on the website www.caviarbox.fr. If not, we’d still say, priced at $80 (approx.), this makes a rather cool Father’s Day present. Unless, you’re already rooting for world’s largest box of caviar!

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[Available at Kaviari Via Paris-Select-Book]

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