Bali Net Zero Hotel Resort and Spa is world’s first zero carbon 5 star hotel powered by sun

Imagine lounging around in a 5 star hotel lapping up all of the luxuries only to realize that the hotel is also a power plant. This is not a new sci-fi series, but actually a hotel designed by Christine Hadiningrat and Sauter Carbon Offset Design. They have teamed up to bring us Bali’s first solar powered Resort and Spa. Bali Net Zero Hotel Resort and Spa will not only be a luxurious playground for the rich and famous, but also a self-sustainable power plant for the surrounding communities. The hotel is designed with cascading floors, with each floor having their own solar panels on the rooftops.

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Guests of the hotel will be able to enjoy luxurious amenities such as suites with ocean view, plunge pools and Jacuzzi, air conditioned tennis courts, spa and beauty clinic and a lot more without feeling an ounce of guilt. While energy for all these amenities will be powered by the hotel’s in-house solar power generating systems, additional power will be sold to local communities and the money earned from them will be used to build infrastructure, schools and community centers. Richard Sauter, founder of Sauter Carbon Offset Design who earlier had designed super yatch The Ocean Empire LSV, hopes that Net Zero Hotel Resort and Spa will be able to provide enough solar power to establish Bali as the number one Eco Tourist destination in the world.
Thanks Richard Sauter

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