Som Dona, Majorca is Spain’s first woman only hotel

They used to be called daring, those women who left the norms of society and dared to travel on their own, or even attempt an adventure by themselves away from their domesticity. Today, however, more than ever before women are enjoying solo travel. So much so that it has become quite a trend now.

Hotels have been catering to this demand by introducing women-only floors to give their female guests a place to feel secure while making the most of their holidays. Som Dona Hotel in Mallorca, Spain, has gone that extra mile to open a female-only hotel, the first in the country, to focus on this growing trend as well as on “comfort, relaxation, art, healthy living and Mediterranean flavor.”

The four-star hotel has 39 rooms and is open for women aged 14 and above. the interiors are done up to suit a generic taste of women, with plenty but classically applied pink, contemporary furnishing and gold lighting. the hotel also features amenities that every woman love including a spa with a whirlpool tub, freeform pool and roof terrace/loungers. There is also a restaurant that will offer “flavorful, healthy and sustainable” dining options. So plenty of organic and keto could be expected.

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Double rooms at the hotel will start at around $80 per night and packages include breakfast as well as other options such as spa treatments and other dining choices.

Sounds like fun. But if you think about it, it sort of defies the purpose doesn’t it? Women should be made to feel safe anywhere they go. Even in hotels that have men staying in them. This seems a push further towards bifurcation of the gender and widening the gap between both than bridging it or narrowing it down. It is a whole different thing to have hotels that only cater to women as a matter of personal choice rather.

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