Review: Experiencing tress magic at Firdys Salon

Amid widespread quarantines, limits on in-person beauty services and social distancing and mask wearing requirements, there’s a sea change in not only the salon experience but also consumer behaviours. With consumers gravitating towards products that allow them to mimic the salon experience at home and protect them from the potential impact of an increasingly digital lifestyle, how do salons ensure that they have an edge over the rest? Mastering customer service is the answer I get when I try the cute little Firdys Salon at Breach Candy by the super duo- Firdaus and Farida Padamsee.

Greeted by friendly smiles I step in. There are thorough temperature checks upon arrival which give me a sense of relief and assurance, given the growing Covid-related concerns.Started off by the most extensive and amazing hair wash itself, Firdy then tries to understand my hair concerns and how I would like my haircut. After a brief chat, he zeroes on something subtle, understated but Instagram-worthy enough. 

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Firdy made sure he had a really clear idea of what I wanted, and told me what he thought would look best on me while keeping my vision in mind. He opted for a Classic haircut for me that to my delight absolutely complemented with my features. The cut really feels like me which is something I absolutely loved. I also love how it gives me volume and allows me to style it effortlessly.

This was followed by an amazing hair spa by Farida who spoke me through my hair texture, what would work best for it and more. The hair spa threw in a good amount of hydration and an incredible massage that managed to sooth my frayed nerves. My hair felt silken soft and got me my red carpet moment.

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 The duo gave me one of the best blow dry I have had in a while followed by great coffee. They have spent years in the salon business and their expertise and love for their job absolutely transcends in their work. One experience of Firdys and you understand why it has such a loyal customer base for years. With its exceptional service, warmth and expertise of the Firdaus and Farida, it’s poised to reign over the hearts of customers for years to come.

Note: The critic was hosted by the salon but all the opinions expressed herewith are her own.

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