Review: Does the LED Photofacial at Dr. Jamuna Pai’s SkinLab deliver the coveted glow? We find out.

More often than not, your skin requires the trusted, capable hands and the expertise of a professional to give it a new lease of life. Weather plays a big role in affecting your skin; cold weather is known to cause dry patches and dullness, while warm weather causes breakouts and clogged pores. The solution? As I take a break from invasive treatments this season, I decided to try the LED Photofacial at SkinLab by Dr. Jamuna Pai, and I have to tell you about the wonders that one session did to my skin.

This intensive 90-minute facial started with a cleanse and a de-tanning mask. This included a mild bleach that looks after your thin facial hair.

While it does have a slight tingling sensation, it’s not something you can’t endure.

Post this; my skin was toned and exfoliated with papain extract and fruit acid serum that caters to any dead skin and patchiness. Next, my face was treated to a short gush of steam, and any blackheads or whiteheads were extracted. The extraction process- something that I dread a lot usually was extremely gentle yet effective. Thumbs up to that.

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The application of a hydrating gel follows the extraction. Then came in a cold compress, Vitamin C serum, and an OxyBlast to ensure I get all the brightening benefits. I love how the oxyblast delivers oxygen deep into the skin leading to increased luminosity and enhanced radiance. It also works as a skin brightening. The procedure replenishes the lost oxygen in the skin and deposits nutrients in the epidermis so that the skin remains strong and firm. The last phase of the facial consisted of a hydrating gentle. It put me to sleep massage followed by a gold- and silver-infused sheet mask and an oxygenating serum to minimize the effects of everyday pollution on my skin. The treatment ended with LED exposure for about 20 minutes using the light that works for my skin concerns.

When I’ve come out of my stupor, I reflect on one question. Why is this facial so much better than so many other treatments that I’ve tried? I get my answer when I see the result, which is deeper, more targeted, and long-term.

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Days after my facial, I’m left with nothing but a rosy glow. And over the next few days, even after ditching my foundation, I’m struck by how shiny my skin looks. The light from the window is beaming off my cheekbones and forehead in a most agreeable way. I put my foundation away and go nude for the first time in many, many months.

As the resulting fresh-faced, wide-awake glow makes my skin equivalent to “a big drink of water.” I’ve never been as much in love with my skin as I’m now.

Note: SkinLab hosted the critic by Dr. Jamuna Pai but all the opinions expressed herewith are her own

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