Fitness in the age of Covid: Equinox resumes its fitness journey with its first-ever outdoor, rooftop gym

There’s some good news for fitness freaks that have been pining to hit the gym. The good old days when you walked for hours on the treadmill, listening to your energy-boosting mixes, staring at that developing silhouette as you pump iron and sharing the chilly enclosed, air-conditioned space with fellow fitness lovers are certainly over. That shouldn’t make you feel dejected as fitness journeys haven’t concluded, they are only treading on another treadmill these days. Since coronavirus has rendered doing anything with too many people in a closed room a bad idea, Equinox, a pioneering fitness club, has decided to open their first fully-outdoor facility in Los Angeles. The weather completely supports this outdoor activity as opposed to other destinations such as Manhattan or London, so those who want to build some muscle under the shining sun, head straight to the gym on the rooftop in the Century City neighborhood. The place is massive, 27,000-square-foot to be precise, with more than enough space to maintain social distancing. It should be noted, the rooftop gym is functional for a limited time only starting Sept. 21st. Known as known as Equinox+ In The Wild the club features include a covered strength floor area, tented cardio areas, a tented outdoor class studio area and lockers, as well as a covered regen zone.

Equinox+ In the Wild is created particularly for Equinox members; all access and destination members can also book work-out slots at the site. The vibe, atmosphere and quality will continue to be typically Equinox except…Its outdoors! Customers can expect the same signature Equinox finishes, strength tile and rolled rubber flooring, thumping surround-sound speaker systems, that will make them feel right at their OG Equinox gym.

[Via: Haute Living]

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