Macallan teams up with Oakley for an indestructible Flask

Whiskey Connoisseurs love to enjoy their drink in a perfect crystal glass or an elaborate flask. However, here is a flask fit for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Macallan, the makers of the $460,000 worth Lalique Cire Perdue whiskey have collaborated with Oakley for a nearly indestructible sturdy flask. Made from food-grade steel, carbon fiber, and aerospace-grade aluminum, this flask is perfect for stringing behind cars or dropping from a helicopter. There’s even an aluminum funnel designed to thread securely into the mouthpiece, so you won’t spill a drop while pouring. The company has tested it’s durability with a number of supercars from Hennessey Ford GT to Mercedes SLS AMG. They have even dropped it off from a helicopter to prove its sturdiness.

The Macallan and Oakley Flask is as robust and stylish way to enjoy your whisky. It retails for $900 and can be your new crime fighting toy!

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[The-Macallan and Autoblog]